Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rebirth: Manifest Tales

In the unlikely event anyone is still receiving updates for this page, here's an update: I am officially restarting this series, albeit under a different name and site. I've started reposting these stories at http://manifest-tales.blogspot.com/ under the new title Manifest Tales. I'm posting them over the next week for new readers and whatnot. They are mostly unchanged. A few minor edits here and there were needed to facilitate some new ideas in the story line, the most obvious being Sandi's name change to Lilly, but for the most part they are the same.

A new tale is in the work and will be ready by the time I've reposted the current ones. From then on I should have at least one new Episode up per week. My ultimate goal is two or maybe even three a week, but don't hold your breath...

So if, by some crazy chance of luck, you're reading this post, head over to http://manifest-tales.blogspot.com/ and follow the continuing story!

...coming soon, Manifest Tales 12 "Trust Issues" a tale of Sasha the Super Spy